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ClueBattery specializes in building custom software solutions to power your business. We are experts in building scalable, reliable and easy to maintain solutions that keep your business running, not you running to the phone for assistance from tech support.

From simple websites, to custom software integration projects, ClueBattery provides all the power you need.

Who We Are

and What We Do

If you need a simple web page, or a fully customized software solution for your business, look no further, the power you need is here at ClueBattery.

We leverage years of expertise in the leading technologies used by the busiest sites on the web, specializing in PHP, MySQL, Drupal and Javascript solutions as well as iOS and Android application development. To put it simply, our development team can fit your infrastructure. We also offer fully managed and hosted applications for the web, mobile devices, and custom integration with your existing systems.

A Spark of Difference

All of us at ClueBattery have been living behind CRTs and LCDs for years cultivating monitor tans and avoiding the big blue room. Most likely, our team of developers has spent more time waiting for programs to load than most developers have in the business. We have worked with hundreds of companies from traditional "Mom & Pops" to Fortune 100 mega-corps. We know what works and, more importantly, we know what doesn't.

We formed ClueBattery to take software and web development in a new direction. Instead of hoping to land one or two big fish and milk them for every penny we can, we want to make the web and software as natural as any other tool in the workplace - "simple as a stapler" is a design goal for all of our products. We also want to do this in a way that is affordable and makes sense to the bean counters in the accounting department.

You can rest assured when you choose ClueBattery, you are working with a dedicated team of professionals that want to fulfill your business needs, not sell you yet another software product that you won't be able to understand or use. Our focus is on simplicity, ease of use, and getting it right the first time every time. We don't bloat our products with unneeded features just to wow our clients with a sales sheet, we spend the time to learn your business, find your specific needs, and then we fufill them with rock solid software and websites that just work.