is in the Process

ClueBattery believes that any business's success is due to its processes. If two companies entered the market with the same product at the same price at the same time, the company with the best process would be more agile and successful than the competitor no matter what pricing or advertising gimmicks the other employed.

We formed ClueBattery with a dedication to the right process.

Our Number One Priority is Solving Problems

We'll Let The Other Guys Keep Making New Ones

Creating effective software applications and web sites is similar to building a house. If you don't have a solid foundation, no amount of effort or resources will end in a successful and stable structure. Our first step is finding the specific business needs you have, and working with you to formulate a cohesive, written plan on how we will meet those needs.

One of the best books on software development to be written recently is Getting Real by 37Signals and it has had a major influence on the way we approach our profession. One of the prevailing concepts throughout the book is "the concept of less." Conventional wisdom says that to beat your competitors in the software market you need to one-up them. If they have four features, you need five. If they have 20, you need 30. This type of one-upping, Cold War mentality is a dead-end. It's an expensive, defensive, and paranoid way of building products. Defensive, paranoid companies can't think ahead. They can't lead, they can only follow.

So, how does a software company avoid the conventional wisdom that prevents real innovation, they do it by doing less and doing it well. That results in better user experiences for the folks that use their software. They do it by focusing on the problems their clients needs solved, and solving them in the most user friendly manner so that the resulting software becomes a natural extension of the business process, not a monolithic bloated pile of code that must be shoe-horned in and requires a manual three inches thick to show the user how to get the simplest of tasks done.

As Simple as a Stapler

Our design goal for all of our products is that they be simple to use when they are given to our clients. An application that meets this goal will actually be used. That product's development cost will always as low as possible, and it won't require a massive support staff because it will work the way the user expects it to.

To achieve this, we do something few software developers do in the design process - we make choices. Our software is opinionated, not agnostic. It has a vision and a well defined goal. This means, our products can actually deliver what the client expects them to. Once that vision and goal are defined, with our client acting as a full partner is the planning process, our dedicated team of developers rapidly deliver working, functional code that achieves the design goals. The end result is happy coders, easy to use applications, and most importantly, happy clients. Contact us today to find out how to become our next happy client.